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Every case is different: cautionary insights about generalisations in human-wildlife conflict from a range-wide study of people and jaguars. Zimmermann et al  (2020) 

Biological Conservation

Levels of conflict over wildlife: understanding and addressing the right problem

Zimmermann, A, McQuinn, B, & Macdonald, DW (2020)

Conservation Science in Practice


Human-felid conflict: A review of patterns & priorities worldwide

Inskip, C & Zimmermann, A (2009)



An interdisciplinary review of current and future approaches to improving human–predator relations

Pooley, S, Barua, M,Beinart, M, Dickman, A, Holmes, G, Lorimer, J,Loveridge, AJ, Macdonald, DW, Marvin,G, Redpath, S, Sillero-Zubiri, C, Zimmermann, A & Milner-Gulland EJ (2017). Conservation Biology


Planning for coexistence in a complex human-dominated world

Marchini, S, Ferraz, KPMB, Zimmermann, A, Guimarães-Luiz, T, Morato, R, Correa, PLP & Macdonald. DW (2019)

Human-Wildlife Interactions: Turning Conflicts Into Coexistence? Cambridge University Press.


Contemporary views of human-carnivore conflicts on wild rangelands

Zimmermann, A, Baker, N, Inskip, C, Linnell, JDC, Marchini, S, Odden J, Rasmussen G & Treves, A (2010)

Wild Rangelands. Wiley-Blackwell

Evaluation of human attitudes and factors conducive to promoting human-lion coexistence in the Greater Gir, India

Meena V, Johnson, PJ, Zimmermann, A, Montgomery, RA, Macdonald, DW (2020)



Quantifying the damage caused by fruit bats to backyard lychee trees in Mauritius and evaluating the benefits of netting

Tollington, S, Kareemun, Z, Augustin, A, Lallchand, K, Tatayah, V & Zimmermann, A (2019)



Cattle ranchers’ attitudes to conflicts with jaguars in the Pantanal of Brazil

Zimmermann, A, Walpole, M. J, & Leader-Williams, N (2005)



Jaguars, livestock and people in Brazil: reality and perceptions behind the conflict

Cavalcanti, S, Marchini, S, Zimmermann, A , Gese, EM & Macdonald, DW (2010)

Biology and Conservation of Wild Felids. Oxford University Press.


Understanding patterns of human-elephant conflict in Assam: An analysis to inform mitigation strategies

Wilson, S, Davies, TE, Hazarika, N & Zimmermann, A (2013)



Habitat loss and human–elephant conflict in Assam, India: does a critical threshold exist?

Chartier, L, Zimmermann, A & Ladle, RJ (2011)


Effectiveness of intervention methods against crop-raiding elephants

Davies, TE, Wilson, S, Hazarika, N, Chakrabarty, J, Das, D, Hodgson, DJ & Zimmermann, A (2011)

Conservation Letters


Community-based human-elephant conflict management in Assam

Zimmermann, A, Davies, TE, Hazarika, N, Wilson, S, Chakrabarty, J, Hazarika, B & Das, DJ (2009)

Gajah. IUCN SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group.


Living with Elephants in Assam: A Handbook

Wilson, S, Zimmermann, A, Hazarika, N, Chakrabarty, J, Mitra, P, Das, DJ, Hazarika, B, Nath, LK, Narayanan, M, Barua, D, Deka, PJ, Baruah, A & Narayan, G (2009)

EcoSystems-India & Chester Zoo, Guwahati, Assam, India

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